Regierungsbaumeister Schlegel

Schlegel attaches high importance to protection of persoanl data, such as names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. In the following, you will find which informationen are gathered and how they are dealt with.

Personal Data 
Basically, you are able to to use our homepage without disclosing your identity. Your data are published by no means without your consent.
Solely you are legitimated to decide whether or not your personal data should be announced for registeration, public opinion poll and the like.
We will generally use your personal data to process your enquiry, also grant you access to particular information and orders. In connection with your enquiry, for instance, data which could possibly disclose your identity are saved for security reasons (e.g. IP-addresses,
dates etc.).
Your data is only used within our firm and will be forwarded to a third party just upon your approval. As far as laws and court orders permit, we will forward your data, upon request, to authorised institutions.

Right of Withdrawal
In case you have trusted us your personal data, you will be at any time authorised to delete the information. Data required for salary payments and accounting purposes are not subject to withdrawal.

Schlegel Consulting Engineers is anxious for observing instruction for copyrighting of the applied graphics and texts in all publications and uses either its own or other licensed graphics and texts.
In case not identified as such, Schlegel will not assume responsibility for any unlabelled or alien supported copyriting of graphics and texts in case they should show up on its website.


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