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URBANSENSE® provides you with a live, multipurpose, reliable Drainage Masterplan.

Growing residential and commercial areas, rapid changes of land use, increasing occurrence of weather extremes – in light of these ever-changing factors, a static Drainage Masterplan nowadays scarcely provides reliability for you and your town. Thus, URBANSENSE, the unique engineering service provided by Vista and Schlegel Consulting Engineers, is based on “live” data.
It uses up-to-date satellite acquisitions und GIS-based analysis tools to deliver exact hydraulic information on the degree of surface sealing, flow path and slope. Utilizing all these data, URBANSENSE provides you with an up-to-date Drainage Masterplan that guarantees your community security against floods and gives you more certainty in your daily work. As time- and labour- intensive on-site inspections are mostly avoided, your Drainage Masterplan will be considerably cost-saving compared to the conventional dimensioning method.


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